Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, 2012-present
Ph.D. candidate in Technology and Social Behavior

Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2007-2010
Master of Journalism

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1998-2002
B.Sc. in Physics, with a concentration in Science Writing,
Minor in Creative Writing

Awards and Honors

Cognitive Science Graduate Fellowship, 2014-2015, Full stipend and tuition CIHR Health Research Communications Award, 2008-2009, $21,000 Ryerson Graduate Award, 2007-2008, $4,000 Todd Anderson Experimental Studies Group Teaching Award, 2002 Peter and Sharon Fiekowsky ESG Community Award, 2001 RESEARCH EXPERIENCE News Themes Project, Northwestern University, 2014-present Collaborators: Prof. Lawrence Birnbaum (PI), Prof. Darren Gergle, Jason Cohn NewsTrust Project, Northwestern University, 2013-present Collaborators: Prof. Darren Gergle, Prof. Larry Birnbaum Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory, MIT, Summer 2000 Undergraduate Research Assistant, Prof. Rainer Weiss Black Hole Gravitational Lensing Simulations, MIT, Spring and Summer 1999 Undergraduate Research Assistant, Prof. Edmund Bertschinger RESEARCH INTERESTS • Online public discourse as peer production of public goods. • Leveraging technology to enable more productive public discourse. • Improving the flow and expression of information in the public sphere. • Developing experimental prototypes to streamline the journalistic process and empower readers. TEACHING EXPERIENCE Teaching Assistant: An Intro to Computer Science for Everyone, Fall 2014 Responsible for several lectures, one out-of-class tutorial, office hours, formalized design of assignments, development of grading rubrics, and grading. Teaching Assistant: Introduction to Semantic Information Processing, Winter 2014, 2015 Responsible for several lectures, one out-of-class tutorial, office hours, formalized design of assignments, development of grading rubrics, and grading. High School Teacher: Hebrew Academy of San Francisco, January-November 2004 Taught algebra, physics, and chemistry. Responsible for curriculum design, lesson plans, test and homework design, and grading. Undergraduate Instructor and Mentor: Experimental Study Group, MIT, 1999-2002 Teaching assistant and later instructor for freshman physics classes. Designed and co-taught a creative writing seminar. Provided tutoring at weekly study sessions. Mentored first and second year students. Figure Skating Coach: Rinks in Toronto, San Francisco, and Hamilton, 1996-2006 Completed coursework for theoretical and practical Canadian National Coaching Certification Program Level 1. Taught children and adults individually and in groups at a variety of levels. Also choreographed routines. REFEREED PUBLICATIONS and CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS Boon, M. L. “Information Density, Heaps’ Law, and Perception of Factiness in News.” Proceedings of the ACL 2014 Workshop on Language Technologies and Computational Social Science (2014): 33–37. Print. Boon, M. L. and L. Birnbaum. “Automatic detection of themes used as narrative frames in news articles. [Work in Progress].” Computation+Journalism Symposium 2014 (October 24-25, 2014). Demo, non-archival. Birnbaum, L., M. L. Boon, S. Bradley, and J. Wilson. “The News Context Project.” IUI Companion 2015: 5-8. Birnbaum, L., M. L. Boon, S. Bradley, and J. Wilson. “Putting news in context, automatically.” Computation+Journalism Symposium 2015 (October 2-3, 2015). Paper, non-archival. UNREFEREED PRESENTATIONS, POSTERS, AND PANELS Birnbaum, L., M. L. Boon, S. Bradley, and J. Wilson. “A Preview of the News Context Project.” Presented at the 2015 International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems. Proceedings normally published by IEEE; may become archival. Boon, M. L. “The Essence of Online Science Journalism.” Tools for Tomorrow’s Science Writers workshop at the Canadian Science Writers' Association’s Annual Conference. (June 5-8, 2010). Boon, M. L. “Communicating Virtual Science.” SuperComputing 2009. (November 14- 20, 2009). Invited panelist. Boon, M. L., and R. Young-Dewsbury. “Help! My client is polyamorous!” 29th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference. (June 18-20, 2007). Boon, M. L. “The scientific process, the media, and sexuality.” 9th International Conference on Bisexuality, Sexuality, and Gender. (June 15-18, 2006). WORK EXPERIENCE Online Editor, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, July 2009-June 2012. Worked as part of an international collaboration to produce a weekly online publication about scientific computing. Duties included content curation, editing, writing, reporting, and promoting the publication. Served as editorial project lead for a website redesign and migration to a Drupal-based system. Beginning in July 2011, also serving as head of communications for the Open Science Grid. Responsible for both internal and external communications. Freelance Writer and Editor, June 2002-July 2009. Research, writing, and editing for magazines, websites, blogs, and books, including Discover, Technology Review, Gizmodo, Digital Hub, The Toronto Star, and Editorial Intern, BBC Focus Magazine, April-May 2008 Researching and writing content for the website, magazine, and podcast. Online Editor, Canadian Office Products Association, 2005-2007. Researched, wrote, edited, and oversaw editorial direction including story conception and execution for weekly newsletter. Editorial Products Intern, WIRED Magazine, July-December 2003. Filtered slushpile of press releases and freelance pitches. Conceived, pitched, and wrote stories. Found, requested, tested, and reviewed products for the weekly Gadget Lab e-newsletter. Interacted with public relations and marketing professionals on a daily basis. Editorial Intern, Palo Alto Weekly, March-May 2003. Wrote obituaries, police log, building permits, and one or more article weekly. Communications Intern, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, June-October 2002 Science writing at a wide range of reading levels for a variety of publications about SLAC events and research. Editorial Intern, Technology Review, February-June 2002 Research, writing, and fact-checking about technology and community events.